Welcome to Bhutan

Land of the Thunder Dragon

Nestled between Tibet and India, just east of Nepal, lies Bhutan, a tiny independent Buddhist kingdom in the magnificent Himalayan ranges.

Images of Bhutan show snow-capped peaks, grand fortresses, monks in maroon robes and prayerflags fluttering in the wind. Could this storybook vision be true? Is it really the last Shangri-La?

Buttertea at Sunrise is a travel memoir about Britta's journey to the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan which has been isolated from the rest of the world for many centuries.

The book is a sincere account of the experiences of a volunteer physiotherapist at a remote referral hospital.

This website complements the book with information about Bhutan, pictures of Bhutan and Mongar (with rare images of eastern Bhutan) and detailed maps of Bhutan.